Atomic Scribbles

Atomic Stories and Lovecraftian Writings.

The Land of Opportunity

The rabble outstretched their hands feebly as I trudged through the layer of filth coating main street. A hooded figure stood atop a stack of crates, illuminated by the torchlight of the gathering crowd. He preached solidarity and glory to... Continue Reading →


Just Business

I spied movement coming from the road ahead. Or perhaps it was the shifting shadows of the great oaks playing tricks. The wagon creaked to an uneasy stop. My shaking hands caressed the sickle dangling from my hip. Tallow whinnied,... Continue Reading →

My Travels Through The Kingdom of Walsh

  My travels through the Kingdom of Walsh were rough to say the least. Clusters of buildings were few and far between. The absence of trees in the grasslands of southern Walsh have led to the populace finding… Other ways... Continue Reading →


I was but a bright eyed boy when my dear mother passed. Her throat slit while she slept. My father was sent to prison under suspicion of her death where he eventually fell ill and expired. Of course, he was... Continue Reading →


As the Black Hawk touched down the marines sounded off down the line and hopped into a field of tall crab grass rippling from the sweeping force of the rotor blades. They bolted from the LZ and within seconds disappeared into the... Continue Reading →

The Bottle

"I'm a fucking loser. A failure." Those were the last words out of my mouth while I still drew breath laying in that dark, decrepit alleyway. I was a farmer by trade- used to be a farmer. I hated every... Continue Reading →

Where Were You?

I sat on the couch of my one bedroom apartment twiddling my thumbs nervously. My friends were all out celebrating the New Year but here I sat in solitude. The table in front of me was cleared of all the... Continue Reading →

Black Blood 146 B.C.

The screams of women and children echoed in the night as they ran for their lives through the puddles and narrow streets. They flooded past us into the dimly lit agora at the center of town. We stood our ground.... Continue Reading →

Age of Kingdoms

In the fourth grade there was one thing that I loved more than anything else. I would get home from school, heat up a microwave burrito, lean back in a creaky old office chair, and boot up our family's desktop... Continue Reading →

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