Friday Fictioneers- Heavy Rain

Photo prompt courtesy of Dale Rogerson

100 words

I had never thought of my father as crazy, but since the divorce he had loosened his grip on his mind.

I recall driving to his house in mid-July. I got in late and let myself in though the back. While I walked I noticed hundreds of umbrellas suspended above his patio.

I wondered if he was expecting rain.

The following morning, I noticed my father sitting outside.

The sun filtered through the colored umbrellas and cast a flurry of vibrant colors below. He saw me standing in the open doorway and grinned.

“I found the end of the rainbow.”

Thanks for the read y’all. Find more Friday Fictioneer works here

25 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers- Heavy Rain”

    1. Thank you Rochelle! When I saw the prompt on your blog it reminded me of this time when I was a kid- we went to Hawaii for my uncles wedding and it would rain while the sun was still shining. We had these bright red umbrellas and it was really cool to see my shadow holding what looked like a glowing red circle. I kind of just built it around that, thanks for reminding me of the memory 🙂 I know I want color to be a part of my life for as long as possible!


    1. I agree 🙂 I personally believe we should all be pursuing ways to enjoy life at all times. Once we find something hold onto it! Whether that’s by putting up umbrellas over the patio or writing on a blog 🙂 thanks for the read!


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