When humanity finally united, it was under the flag of Midguard. It was only when they created their own Ragnarok with nuclear fire that realized they needed to work together despite their differences.

On June 16th 2121, the clouds trembled forcefully with the birthing of the MS Valkyrie. A ship carrying the future of Midguard’s new life into the stars.

Richard Bly woke abruptly to the beeping of his comm unit. He reached groggily over to his dresser and slammed his hand down on the device.

“This Commander Bly.” He answered in a lazy croak.

“Uh- Commander, this is bridge. Sensors picked up an object… Made of some alloy we have no record of.”

Bly flew out of bed and ripped through his closet. His uniform stretched noisily as he hastily threw it on.


“I’ll be there in 3.”

The door to bridge slid open to chaos. Officers scrambled from console to console. Spilled coffee and crushed Styrofoam cups littered the floors.

A woman in a dirty uniform rushed to Bly and managed a dignified salute.

“Sir! Foreign object on a course for interception. The second shift tried to shake it but the object seems to be adjusting it’s course to intercept us!”

“Thanks for filling me in Colonel. Now, why don’t you take a seat at your station.”

She complied and scurried over to a flashing monitor. Bly strolled over to his chair and plopped down. The frenzy on the bridge melted almost instantaneously, as if they could feel the Commander assuming control over the situation. He gestured at a digitally zoomed blotch of pixels on the central screen.

“So that- That’s our boogeyman?”

Bly chuckled.

“Okayyy. That’s going to hit us. We need ordinance on that ASAP.”

A few notes chimed from a succession of keystrokes from the the weapons control station.

“Missiles away!” A helmsman exclaimed.

Four projectiles rocketed from the MS Valkyrie. All eyes fixed on the screen. Bly controlled his breathing as his nerves wreaked havoc.


The crew cheered at the bright yellow flash. But Bly refrained from premature celebration.

As the sparks from the blasts glittered out of existence, Bly squinted his eyes. To his dismay the blob of pixels was still on course, and had gotten closer. The positivity of the crew died down. Bly took the initiative to maintain control.

“Alright, so nukes are out of the question. They seem to have no effect.” Bly spun around in his chair so as to address the entire bridge. “I need everyone to remain calm.”

The lights flickered for a moment, forcing the bridge into reserve power. A flash of white from the central screen illuminated the bridge. Bly shielded his face from the disorienting brightness.


Bly took a moment to take in the message and laughed heartily. All of human history had prepared them to fight. It didn’t occur to him or anyone that they would get a warm welcome.


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