Atomic Scribbles

Atomic Stories and Lovecraftian Writings.

Origin Story

I never fought in school. I was always too reserved to be moved to anger and too smart to get myself backed into a corner. I guess that's why I never realized that I had an unusual knack for it... Continue Reading →


Bagpipes and Barbed Wire

As the sun set in the west, the constant pounding of artillery fire illuminated the borders of the night sky. We had received orders from the sergeant the previous morning; a night raid on the German lines would take place... Continue Reading →

The Origins of Lou Rock

Lou paused on his aimless wander through the twisted streets of the frontier town. It was a place the humans called Duri on the border of the Brandywood forest. It was a strange place, but Lou was welcomed by a... Continue Reading →

Terrae Illius Mortiferis

The landing bay doors opened and a bright light flooded the holding area. We all shielded our eyes from the burning light. A loud pattern of clicks sounded through the air and our cell doors swung open. I vaguely remember the trip.... Continue Reading →


In 1983 I took a teaching position at an elementary school in the town of Pulp. It was a small, unincorporated town nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. The town had been build around the corn liquor business during... Continue Reading →

A Fair Trade

We marched up the hill in the morning fighting the bitter cold. It had been raining for days, and our boots sunk into the deep mud it had left behind. by the time we had made it to the top, a... Continue Reading →

Baby, it’s cold outside

There was once a chef in the small Midwest town of Dearfoth, Minnesota. Everyone knew him as "Ole' Mac". He cooked at "Tilly's diner" for minimum wage and was known for his generosity. At the end of every day he... Continue Reading →

Seinfeld 2015

Photo By Alan Light via public-domain pictures For extra immersion, click the links as they appear. But do it with your middle mouse button so it doesn't take you off the page. If you're doing it right, you should have... Continue Reading →


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