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Friday Fictioneers- Book Club

Photo Prompt Provided by Priya Bajpal

100 Words

“Alright, Greg is here- this book club meeting can commence.”

The murmurs of the living room died down and all eyes focused on me.

“The first order of business is to look at the suggestions from last week. We have.. A lot. Hope we don’t have a coup on our hands!”

As the chuckles bounced around, I dug my hand into the jar and drew a yellow paper which I gingerly unfolded.

Things will get better

With teary eyes, I looked to the faces of my friends.

I thought I was struggling in silence.

I guess they could read me.

This was written as part of Friday Fictioneers. Click here for some amazing takes on this week’s photo prompt!


Friday Fictioneers- Weathering Minds

Photo prompt by Russell Gayer

100 Words

“Robbie I’m scared” Rebecca whined.

The cryptic patterns of the hillside seemed to shift in our dehydration. As if they were living, writhing like tentacles.

“Calm down babe,” I cooed. “It’s just weathering on the sandstone.”

I looked back at our wreaked minivan. It was blurred in the heat haze on the horizon.

“It looks so alive!”

It’s all in your head!” I shouted.

I wasn’t entirely sure though.

The squirming dune to our left was non-relenting. A burst of wind howled through it’s winding creases. I grabbed Rebecca by the hand.

“It’s not real, but walk faster.” I whispered.

This story was written as part of Friday Fictioneers. Every week there is a prompt that is accompanied by story 100 words or less! Click here to read more amazing stories inspired by this photo prompt!