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I kicked the empty soup can at my feet to my left. It clanked and clamored on the tarmac until it was abruptly stopped under Ian’s grubby boot. He glanced up at me and slicked back his black hair.

“You ready mate?”

“Aye, ya know it Ian.”

“Then let’s go already!”

Ian perfected his hairdo with a few light touches to the side of his head. Then snatched a pair of jingling keys from his trouser pocket. We loaded up in his bright red roadster and sped down the road. The wind instantly unfurled the careful grooming Ian had molded, but he didn’t seem to care. He had a wild smile as we drove out the familiar sights of the Dundee and ventured along the coast.

We we had dates to pick up.

The car’s brakes squealed as we pulled up to their house.

“Here we are, Barnhill!” Ian shuddered, “God man, kill me if I ever move out to the suburbs.”

I chuckled and nodded. Ian went back to reconstructing his hair. He fiddled for a few minutes before clapping his hands and pointing to the door of a cottage across the street.

“Shall we?”

I winked in agreement. “Rock n’ roll mate.”

We strutted across the street and knocked loudly on the door to a singsong pattern. A burly mustached man swung the door open. He eyed us up and down and mumbled to himself. I tapped my foot anxiously.

“Eh… Are Susie and Christine ready?”

The man scowled and slowly pivoted his head. “Girls! Two fuckwits are here ta pick ya up!”

Excited footsteps rumbled down the hallway. Soon two beautiful faces popped up behind either shoulder of the angry man. They giggled and ducked underneath his meaty arms.

“Bye Pa! Be home by nine!” They sang in unison.

Ian and I looked at each other and quickened our pace as we led the girls to the car. My heart beat like I had just robbed a bank. Their father still stood in the doorway, growling.

“Soo, its a roadster.” Ian explained. “There are only two seats yeah? You two are gonna have ta sit on our laps, and we need to do it fast so yer dad doesn’t have time to shoot us.”

The girls giggled excitedly to themselves and shook their heads.

“Three. Two. One.”

We broke out into a sprint to the car. jumped into our positions quickly, and started the engine before their father could protest. We laughed as we sped away.